Nugan Estate Vegan Wines

Nugan Estate is committed to providing quality products and ensuring a welcoming community for all. It is for this reason that we at Nugan Estate have reached out to Vegan Australia to review and certify our premium range of vegan wines…

A Number of Nugan Estate Wines Are Vegan Certified!

Vegan Australia has reviewed our large selection of wines and determined that they meet the set criteria established in the Vegan Australian Certified standard.

What Does it Mean to be Vegan Certified?

For our wines to be certified they needed to meet the high standards set by Vegan Australia. This is to ensure those that are looking for vegan-friendly beverages that our wines are free from animal products, not tested on animals and no animal products were used in the production process.

Our range of vegan wines include 42 fantastic options.

Vegan Wine Australia

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Nugan Estate Cellar Door wine barrels getting aged. These barrels of wine may contain red wines including Pinot Noir, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, shiraz, sangiovese, zinfandel, durif and other red wine varieties
Stored bottles of Nugan Estate white wine varieties including our sweetest white wine moscato, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and other types of our best australian white wines.
Chief wine maker holding a glass of red wine with long tannins

“The best wines are made vine by vine and berry by berry”

Daren Owers, Chief Winemaker