Nugan Estate is dedicated to producing premium wines from estate grown vineyards across Australia.

The Winery

Nugan Estate winery dedicated to producing premium estate grown wines from the best vineyards across Australia.

Indeed, Nugan Estate is one of Australia’s best Winemakers recognised with 42 Trophys, and over 1,500 Medals including 206 Gold Medals.   Producing the best wines did not just happen overnight. In fact, it was the single focus right from the beginning. James Halliday and Huon Hooke, Australia’s most respected wine-writers, praised Nugan Estate’s rise stating; Halliday: “Nugan Estate has arrived on the scene like a whirlwind…”; and Hooke: “… the Nugans stand out for their dedication and the great value their wines represent.”

Nugan Estate produces wines from vineyards in Australia’s finest wine growing regions of Riverina in New South Wales and King Valley in Victoria.  In addition, Nugan Estate sources premium quality grape from the renowned McLaren Vale and Coonawarra region’s of South Australia.

Nugan Estate is one of Australia’s Top 20 Wine Exporters and is complemented by six labels: Nugan Estate, a best of the regions collection from Australia’s finest wine growing regions; Italian Series,  dedicated to our European family history, embody a passion for the traditional Italian varietals; Cookoothama, the family’s label dedicated to providing quality wines that consistently over deliver on value; and the Talinga Park, Third Generation and Personality labels, which take advantage of Nugan Estate’s premium wine making practices to provide the consumer with superior quality wine at an affordable price.

Nugan Estate’s labels have been well received internationally, continually being awarded numerous accolades.

Matthew Nugan and his team are proud to distribute their wines around the world always ensuring they benefit from being estate grown and made with the utmost care to meet the family’s mantra of over-delivering on quality and value.

The Winemaker

Chief Winemaker, Daren Owers, started his journey at Nugan Estate as a fresh faced 20-year-old, just three days after completing his Food Science degree at the University of Western Sydney. Daren started as a lab technician in a prior Nugan family business and is now the Chief Winemaker at Nugan Estate. In 2002 Daren took on the challenging role of becoming Chief Winemaker. Since then, Daren continues to deliver Nugan Estate wines of the highest quality.

Michelle Nugan instilled in Daren a strong work ethic, clear focus and the expectation of excellence. As a result, Daren has gone on to win numerous awards and accolades. He remains focused on the task at hand, to make the best possible wines from each vineyard.

Daren sees winemaking as his art and considers himself a lucky man, dabbling with the best of both worlds. Daren articulates the art and science of winemaking with elegance and ease, saying the best wines are made vine by vine, berry by berry.

Barrel Cave

The monumental Nugan Estate Barrel Cave was built to the inspiring vision of Michelle Nugan in 2001. Every single remarkable element in this space, from the treatment of the floor, the roughed up concrete pillars to the grand and striking huge double doors were built specifically to design.

The structure of the Barrel Cave, built in the grounds of Nugan Estate, provide a naturally temperature-controlled space. This area acts as an excellent storage facility for our highest quality wines which receive Oak Maturation from superior quality French and American Oak Barrels where they mature to reach their peak. This thrilling space is a testament to the wines and the hard work that is put into every drop.

King Valley

The Frasca’s Lane vineyard, located in Victoria’s cool climate King Valley, is the homefor our Sangiovese.


The Coonawarra is renowned as Australia’s best Cabernet Sauvignon region with red clay Terra Rossa soil.

McLaren Vale

McLaren Vale, home to the Nugan family vineyard, and some of Nugan Estate’s best Shiraz.

Langhorne creek

The robust Zinfandel grape enjoys the cool maritime climate of Langhorne Creek.


The Riverina is home to the Cookoothama vineyard and to the award winning Botrytis Semillom.